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Recommendation of some construction glass

Pulished on Dec. 25, 2021

Hello, I am glass. I think you all know me because you can see me everywhere. Home, kitchen, construction sites, banks, jewelry shops, museums, etc., You may say we glass is ordinary as we are common in the world. Like people use water glasses, glass plates, bowls and see the window glass every day. But we all own specialties, which are different from ordinary glass. Just check below.

Except for the household glass, there is "wire mesh anti-theft glass", there is a layer of extremely fine wire mesh in the glass body. As long as it is plugged in and connected to the automatic alarm, when the suspect cuts through the glass and touches the wire mesh, the alarm will sound. And automatically call the police when the suspect cuts the glass without noticing it, so it is used on the buildings that store important objects, valuables, and jewelry.

Another one is called "wired glass" which is used in high-rise buildings.

Because it is very hard, and it is safe even after being hit, even if it is broken, the fragments will stick to each other and will not hurt people.


The "color-changing glass" can reflect sunlight. It is very clear to see from the inside to the outside, but from the outside, you can't see anything inside. And "color-changing glass" will also change the color according to the strength of the sun, and adjust the indoor light. which is called "automatic curtain" by people.


Another one is "heat-absorbing glass" it can make the room warm in winter and cool in summer. In the hot summer, the body can block the strong sunlight, making the room cooler than the outdoors, in the severe winter, it can block the cold air outside.


With technology developed, there will be more glasses with different functions will be explored. Just wait for our good news.