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Selected standard of glassware

Pulished on Apr. 22, 2020

We believe that everyone will contact with various types glassware, such as glass cup, glass door and glass window, etc. But if we have not enough knowledge about glassware, it will make some mistake with it. So we will introduce to the selected standard of glassware for reference.


The selected standard as below:


1. Material quality: We required material must be good and quality most be transparent without any obvious colors.


2. Bubble: It’s allowed have bubbles at glassware, but must be less than 1mm. If bubbles are too many and too big, it will affect whole glassware pleasing to the eyes.


3. Impurities: Here have 2 different types, one is because of whole glassware thaw not good, then glassware will have some transparent impurities. The other is because of some no transparent raw material of glassware thaw not good, then will have obvious impurities. Actually these impurities is not acceptable if it shows at glassware after shape up, so at the mass production line, our factory must control well this quality.


4. Roundness of glassware’s top: It means sometimes glassware’ top is not so round. It’s not acceptable if have 1mm roundness difference.


5. Thickness of glassware’s top: It’s same same as roundness of glassware, if here have 1mm thickness difference of glassware, it’s not acceptable to our client and must need to be remade.


6. Height of whole glassware: Incline of height of whole glassware. It’s not acceptable of same glassware if have height incline(height difference). The whole glassware will looks strange.


7. Shear mark and mould mark: Shear mark means the long mark shows like centipede which width can not more than 2mm and length can not more than 2mm. If mould mark look at the front horizontally, it’s not acceptable.


8. Body concave-convex: If glassware’s body is concave-convex, it’s not acceptable if look at the front horizontally.


9. Abrasion mark: This mark is happened by crashed between glassware and glassware. If this mark is obvious and have long or big size, it’s not acceptable.


So after read these 9 standard for selecting glassware, do you have more ideas now?

Selected standard of glassware