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What kind of glass teapot is good?

Pulished on Apr. 22, 2020

There are more and more people drinking tea in life now because the lifestyle of contemporary people becomes higher and they enjoy life more and more. We often hear the saying that good tea needs good props. Even if your tea is good, you can’t better reflect the aroma of the tea without a good tea set. Your tea is not good, but you can choose a tea set suitable for it to brew so that it will also reflect its aroma. So we need to pay attention when choosing tea sets. We must choose a tea set suitable for tea so that we can taste delicious tea soup better. In real life, people will choose to use a glass tea set, because glass The tea set is inexpensive and practical. But when choosing a glass tea set, I don’t know whether to choose the crystal material or the high borosilicate glass material. Today I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the two. After reading, you can decide what material to buy. 

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【1】 Introduction of glass tea set materials

There is more than one material for a glass tea set in life. Tea set can be divided into three types according to the material, namely soda-lime glass tea set, crystal glass tea set, and high borosilicate glass tea set. They have different characteristics. For soda-lime glass, they are made manually during the production process, but for this type of glass tea set, it is relatively thick and the permeability is not very high. But the price is very cheap. Many times people encounter cheap tea sets when they choose. Maybe he made this kind of material.

For the crystal material, he was made by hand at this time, and he will carry out some post-processing. The glass tea set made of crystal has a light touch and high transparency. It can be used during the process of use. Clearly see the color change of tea soup and the change of tea posture, so many times people will choose to use crystal material when choosing a glass tea set. For another glass tea set made of high borosilicate material, its biggest feature That is, high temperature can be directly heated on the fire without bursting. This is also the only material in the glass tea set that can be directly heated. Many people do not know about this problem in life, so they do n’t care about the material. The glass tea set is directly heated, which will cause the phenomenon of bursting. Therefore, when we choose the glass tea set, we need to consider whether it is heat-resistant and do not heat it blindly.

What kind of glass teapot is good?cid=3What kind of glass teapot is good?cid=3

【2】 Features of crystal material

The glass tea set made of crystal has a smooth surface, and it is easier to clean. Its material is more hygienic, unlike some stainless steel cups or thermos cups, because of the presence of air bacteria and tea dirt on the surface that cannot be observed by the naked eye Breeding, and the crystal glass tea set is transparent and pure. When brewing tea, you can clearly see the color change and posture change of the tea leaf, which brings us visual enjoyment. For the crystal glass tea set, its feel It is relatively light, and in the production process, it is made by hand, and there are many post-processing techniques, such as mouth tracing gold, cup body hand-painting, bottom pouring gold, etc. Their prices are different for different processes, so many times when we encounter crystal glass tea sets, the price will be high or low, which is also due to their different processes. For crystal tea sets, the patterns on them are changeable, and the workmanship is relatively fine. When using them to drink tea, you can see the color of the tea soup more clearly, and often reflect the taste of the tea taster. So in life, for glass tea set made of crystal, people often choose to give gifts, because it can more reflect the taste of drinking tea.

What kind of glass teapot is good?cid=3

【3】 Advantages of high borosilicate material

In fact, for the tea set made of high borosilicate material, its biggest feature is its high-temperature resistance, because the other two materials in the glass tea set can not be directly cooked in the process of use, and the tea set made of high boron silicon Yes. This is also one of its biggest advantages, and the glass tea set made of high borosilicate material can be made into double layers, which is also to better avoid the phenomenon of hot hands. For high borosilicate glass tea sets, they are made by using the conductive properties of glass at high temperature, melting the glass by heating inside the glass, and processing it through advanced production processes.

It is a special glass material with a low expansion rate, high-temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness, and high chemical stability. It is now used by people in many places. So for the glass tea set made of high borosilicate material, the heat resistance can be very good, and it is used in life, and the glass teapots used in our life are all made of high borosilicate material. He is making tea Among them, you can clearly appreciate the color change of the tea soup and the change of the posture of the tea leaves. In many cases, it is another kind of enjoyment. While tasting tea, you can not only taste tea to delicious tea soup, but also enjoy the visual feast, so for high boron For silicon material, we must pay attention to its high-temperature resistance when we choose.

What kind of glass teapot is good?cid=3

【4】The difference between the two

In fact, the biggest difference between the glass tea set made of crystal and the glass tea set made of high borosilicate is that the high borosilicate material can withstand high temperature, but the glass tea set made of crystal is not. This is often the case. I did n’t pay attention to this problem when I chose it, I would directly heat it no matter what kind of glass tea set I chose. Because people use tea set to drink tea and want to better disinfect it, they will go directly to the water. Boil it, and then let the tea set be better disinfected, but it cannot be done for crystal glass tea set. Doing so will only make it burst during the process. So the biggest difference between them is the problem of resistance to high temperature, and for transparency, or some device type, they are evenly matched. It may be that there are some differences in the manufacturing process of the two, so the variety of glass tea sets we see in life is determined by the material itself.

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【5】Characteristics of other materials

In fact, in life, in addition to glass tea sets, there are other tea sets of different materials, but we will choose according to our different needs. We can also choose suicide tea sets. For the purple sand tea set, its thermal insulation performance is very Well, in the process of using it to brew tea, the tea soup will not cool down quickly, and the purple teapot in the purple sand tea set has a good aroma absorption effect. If you use it for a long time to brew tea, you can, without putting tea leaves. Then pour directly into the boiling hammer to have a light tea fragrance, but pay attention to the condition. When the purple teapot is used, it is generally a pot of tea, so that you can taste the really delicious tea soup, and the purple teapot is hot and cold The sudden change performance is better, you can directly use the fire to cook, and there will be no bursting. For the ceramic tea set, the original flavor of the tea soup can be tasted more during the use, and the ceramic tea set has good thermal insulation performance, and it is not easy to deteriorate in the summer, the heat transfer is not fast, and there will be no chemical reaction on the tea, Can guarantee the original flavor of the tea. Therefore, tea sets of different materials have their own characteristics.

What kind of glass teapot is good?cid=3

Therefore, in life, it is not possible to say exactly which kind of material is good, but everyone has different choices, and because of the different materials, they will have different raw materials and production processes in the production process. The finished tea set will be different in their appearance, so for these two materials of the glass tea set, we can choose according to our actual situation when we choose, if you want to choose high temperature resistant, then Choose the high borosilicate material, if you want more transparency, choose the crystal material. Therefore, there is no way to judge which material is good, but the selection needs are different.