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What can we do on the 51st Earth Day?

Pulished on Apr. 22, 2020

What can we do on the 51st Earth Day?cid=3

Today is the 51st Earth Day. Do you know how much marine life is extinct by using plastic? In order to protect our planet, we should promote the use of glass or ceramic products instead of plastics to contribute to our planet and our own health.

Then let's take a look at the correct way to choose glass and ceramic products!

What can we do on the 51st Earth Day?

When choosing glass products such as glass cup, how do we choose? There are four factors that require our special attention.

First: we should observe the appearance of the glass

First of all, we have to observe whether there are cracks on the inner wall and the bottom of the wall. If it did has, it may damage our skin; In addition, do not choose a glass that is too thin, otherwise it will be easily broken and when poured into boiling water it will easy to burst. Finally, we have to observe his overall color, bright and transparent is the best.

Second: we have to choose good glass

High borosilicate glass is a good choice. The glass of this material will not break due to excessive temperature difference. It is cold and heat resistant, and it is also resistant to wear and tear. It is very cost-effective as a daily consumable high. The double-layer cup is the representative. The middle of the two layers is actually a vacuum, which can play a role in heat preservation. In addition, the heat insulation is not hot, and the user experience is also very good.

Third: we have to smell the glass

Generally speaking, the glass will not have a big smell. If you smell an odor, it proves that the glass is not of good quality. We should not choose this glass.

Fourth: we must pay attention to the tightness of the glass

Good glasses are usually well sealed, dust and moisture resistant, and will not leak when inverted. If you can't test the tightness of the glass upside down, you can also try to twist the lid of the glass by hand. Generally speaking, a good glass will be easier to twist the lid.

What can we do on the 51st Earth Day?

So, how to choose our ceramic products, such as ceramic bowls, although it is very similar to the selection of glass, there are also some important tips.

First: we need to observe the appearance of the ceramic bowl like the glass

Observe the ceramic bowl in a well-lit environment. At this time, many defects can be seen. If there are bubbles on the ceramic bowl, cracks or uneven bottom, we should not choose.

Second: choose underglaze ceramics

Why choose underglaze ceramics? In fact, the reason is very simple, because his pattern is actually carried out on the porcelain embryo. After finishing it, glaze is fired at high temperature. At this time, the pattern is hidden under the glaze layer and will not directly contact with food. If we want to choose this kind of ceramic, we must touch it by hand, its surface is smooth and feels good.

Third: we have to listen to the sound

A good ceramic sound is crisp. Bad ceramics or cracked ceramics sound dull.

Fourth: put the bowl upside down

Why put the bowl upside down? Because when we put the bowl upside down, we can know whether it is smooth and fine. If we want to use a set of bowls, of course we must choose a set of well-made one.

Above is what we can consider when choosing glass or ceramic products.

Please believe that better glass makes life better!