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Small Talk Of Garbo’s Glassware

Pulished on Apr. 30, 2021

Garbo glassware has been in the daily use glassware industry for over 27 years. And Garbo(China glassware manufacturer) also expand their product range which is related to household ware, such as cutlery, ceramic, and plastic. With good experience in the household ware industry, Garbo become one of the top 3 glassware suppliers in China. Better Glassware, Better Life!

So talk about the Garbo glass cup first. Here is a conversation about the glass cup between me and my friend.

Small Talk Of Garbo’s Glassware

Me: Hi dear, do you use a glass cup for what?

Friend: I use a glass cup for water, juice, drinks, I think any kind of liquid.

Me: OK, but that is just the common use for a glass cup, you can use it for candleholder when you fill the wax in it. And you can use it for a vase, only to buy a cup of the proper size...And you can even use it for some physical experiment. Such as the Tone experiment, put water into a cup with a different range and then knock the cup with a stick then you will hear that there is a different tone coming out. Try to figure more ways to use the glass cup. I think it will add fun to daily life for you.

Friend: That is right. There is another Physical experiment. To verify the voice is Sound is produced by vibration. Knock the cup with a stick, and then touch the glass cup, you will feel that the glass cup is shaking.

Me: Brilliant. Yeah, try to find more users about the glass cup. So let’s do the experiment together.

Friend: Let’s start it.

Small Talk Of Garbo’s Glassware

Could you find more usage for the glass cup? Not just a glass cup can be a plate, bowl. Just use your imagination about it. And leave your message or send us an email, we can communicate with each other more conveniently.