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Some strategies to refresh your glassware products and make them new

Pulished on Dec. 25, 2020

Glass is widely used in all kinds of household products because of its crystal-like transparent material and low price. When we first bought the glass, its appearance was transparent and clean, but with the longer we use, the glass products may become yellow and have a lot of stains, so we need to clean it carefully so that we can keep it crystal clear and new all the time. So what are the ways to clean the glass? 

1. Kerosene + chalk ash: 

Drip kerosene on the glass, or use chalk ash and gypsum powder dipped in water on the glass to dry, wipe with a clean cloth or cotton, after wiping, the glass is clean and bright as it was when you first bought it. 

Some strategies to refresh your glassware products and make them new

2. Fine sand: 

If your glass or mirror is stained with lime or sand used in decoration, it is difficult for these dirty things to be scrubbed with normal clean water. Therefore, it is easy to clean the glass by carefully scrubbing it with a wet cloth dipped in some fine sand. 

3. Toothpaste: 

The bottom of the toothbrush cup will turn black and yellow after it has been used for a long time, and the bottom of the teapot will also turn yellow if the teapot has been soaked for a long time. It can be wiped with fine cloth and toothpaste to restore the cleanliness of the glass and make it look less dirty. 

Some strategies to refresh your glassware products and make them new

4. Spirit: 

If you eat greasy food while drinking water from your glass, your glass is likely to be stained with oil that is difficult to clean. At this time, drop a little white wine on the wet cloth and wipe it gently, and the glass will soon be smooth and bright. 

5. Protein water: 

After the fresh eggshell is washed with water, you can get a mixed solution of egg whites and water, which can be used to clean glass products, which will also increase the luster. 

6. Vinegar: 

If there is paint or dirt on the glass, you can apply some vinegar to it and wipe it off with a clean cloth after being soaked. 

7. Alcohol: 

First, rinse with warm water, and then dip in a little alcohol with a wet cloth, the glass will be particularly bright. 

Some strategies to refresh your glassware products and make them new

Tips for cleaning mirrors:

1, small mirror or large cabinet mirror, dresser mirror and other mirrors have dirt, can use a soft cloth (or gauze), dipped in some kerosene or wax wipe, must not be wiped with a wet cloth, otherwise, the mirror will be blurred, glass easy to corrosion. 

Wipe the mirror, frame, and keys with a dishcloth dipped in milk to make it clear and bright. 

2. When taking a bath, the mirror in the bathroom is often blurred by steam. 

Soap can be applied to the mirror and then wiped with a dry cloth to form a liquid soap film on the mirror to prevent the mirror from blurring. 

If you use astringent toner or detergent, you can also get the same effect.

Anyway, you should clean your glassware products in time to keep them clean and transparent. So it can always show its' beauty in daily life.