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Source of red packet

Pulished on Feb. 07, 2020

What is red packet?

Red Packet, also known as red envelopes, are a small gift made from red envelopes. They are often used in various celebrations in the context of traditional Chinese customs and Chinese cultural circles, including New Year's greetings, weddings and birthdays. Most of the early red envelopes were folded into a red piece of paper with auspicious words written by a brush, until the ming and qing dynasties (for lucky money), and gradually evolved into a modern form of gift money placed in a red envelope bag.


Source of red packet.

During the Spring Festival, the red envelopes sent by the elders to the younger generation after 0 o'clock in the evening of the New Year are called lucky money (lucky money), which means bringing the blessing and good luck of the new year to them. Every year during the Spring Festival there is the custom of sending red envelopes, some areas are married to unmarried relatives and friends. The habit of sending red envelopes generally exists only between close relatives and friends. In some areas, the range of red envelopes in the New Year is relatively wide, such as the neighbor's younger generation, common friendship colleagues are likely to send red envelopes, but the amount of red envelopes are often relatively small, the red envelopes put in 8 yuan,18 yuan, etc.


In the industrially developed regions, the company will issue a "start red envelope" to all employees during the Spring Festival. In most parts of China, many people are used to making red envelopes out of brand-new printed paper money, and in addition to being more elegant, there is also the implication of going to the old to welcome the new year. There will also be pressure to print new banknotes. Environmental experts say the habit is not conducive to low-carbon environmental protection.