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Take a look at the Cutest double wall cups

Pulished on Dec. 26, 2019

Do you know the popular cat paw cup in the cafe? Everyone was fascinated by him, and there was a long line in front of the store just to buy a limited edition cat claw cup. The appeal of this cup is that it is a double-layered cup with a cat's paw pattern. If it is filled with coffee, the image is very vivid and cute. So it attracted countless fans to come in line to buy.

But do you know how to make this double cup? In fact, its material is already different from ordinary glass cups. It is made of high borosilicate, high temperature and low temperature resistance, thin and strong, and can be used in microwave ovens. In addition, using the factory's superb technology to make the cup double-layered, it looks more high-end and beautiful. Can be designed into a variety of different shapes, very attractive. It can be made into wine glasses, skulls, paws, bottles, cups, etc. It is really novel and cute, and the special cup is used to decorate the whole cup.

Therefore, some stores or beverage shops will use such cups to attract customers, while enjoying a drink, it will bring visual enjoyment, and a crowd of guests will increase the popularity of the shop. Of course, the cost of this cup is higher than ordinary cups.


Let ’s take a look at the various cute double-layer cups!

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