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The correct way to hold the red wine glass

Pulished on May. 07, 2019

At various high-end banquets, red wine and champagne are indispensable, and this time the wine etiquette is very important. Even if doesn't know about wine etiquette , the red wine cup is the most basic and must be known. To help you better understand the wine etiquette, so let's check how to hold the red wine glass.

The correct way to hold the red wine glass

The correct posture of holding the red wine glass should be: use the thumb, index finger and middle finger to clamp the stem cup column. First, clamp the cup column to enjoy the color of the wine through the wall of the cup, and it is convenient to shake the wine glass to release the wine. If you hold the wall of the cup, use your fingers to block the line of sight, and you can't shake the glass. Secondly, drink the wine and pay attention to the temperature. If you hold the wall with your fingers, the temperature will warm the wine and affect the normal level of the wine.

The benefits of holding a cup column:

1, keep the temperature of a wine

The temperature of the palm of a person usually reaches 36 ° C, while the temperature of most wines does not exceed 18 ° C. Holding the cup will heat the wine and its flavor will change. There is no such problem with the cup holder. The original design of the long-handled wine glass is to prevent the body's heat from being transferred to the wine.


2, making the shaker easier

The shaker is an important step in wine tasting. It helps the aroma of the wine to come into contact with more air, while leaving the wine in the upper part of the cup, making it easier for the nose to feel the aroma of the wine. Holding the cup to shake the cup not only increases the difficulty of shaking, but also makes the wine spill.


3, avoid printing fingerprints

In more formal social situations, holding the cup may cause the cup to print fingerprints and affect the personal image. When writing tasting notes, when the tasting wine is an aged red wine or a light white wine, the fingerprint is likely to affect the taste of the wine.


In addition to the method of holding the cup column, there are many possible methods of holding the cup. The specific method is mainly based on personal habits and the purpose of holding the cup.


Grip posture for different occasions:

In gatherings, outdoor barbecues, etc., where long-standing is required, the wine drinker can use the thumb, forefinger and middle finger to pinch the cup post, and the ring finger and the little finger hold the cup against the base. This method keeps the cup stable and does not spill out.


If you have tables and chairs for wine tasting, you can also place the cup on the table and hold the cup column with your thumb and forefinger. This cup-holding method allows the wine drinker to shake the cup quickly and steadily.


The last method of holding the cup is to hold the base of the cup, leaving only one thumb against the bottom of the cup (to balance the glass). This is convenient for wine drinkers to tilt the wine glass and observe the color of the wine, but it is not very stable and will increase the difficulty of the shaker. Therefore, it is suitable for environments with tables and chairs, such as tastings.


So, is the method of holding the cup belly unacceptable in any occasion? In fact, this is not the case. When a wine drinker needs to check the temperature of the wine, it is fine to hold the cup. In a few cases, some wines may be too cold, so the aroma is occluded and cannot be fully unfolded. At this time, the wine drinker can hold the cup with both hands and warm the wine to help the aroma show faster.


Although in many common occasions, when drinking with close people or alone, the way to hold the cup can be chosen according to personal preference, but informal occasions and in the tasting, in order to make the wine show the most realistic posture, it is necessary to Keep in mind the proper holding posture.