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The popular golden rim craft for Garbo glassware items

Pulished on Sep. 23, 2022

There are many different processes for glassware, which make them high-end and beautiful. Gilt drawing is a special process, many customers like to use gilt glass products because, after gilt tracing, glass products are not only used for use but also more like a work of art. So do you know how the gold painting process is processed and produced? This article will give you a brief introduction to the gold painting process. 

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1. The methods of pointing gold on the blood surface of glassware are as follows: description of gold water, burning of gold powder, and gold plating film. 

2. According to the effect of gold can be divided into glossy gold, and matte gold, the difference between them is whether the gold effect is matte or bright, some customers will think that matte is more high-end, and some customers will think that bright light can attract people's attention, so you can choose which effect to do according to your own needs. 

3. According to the description of gold raw materials can be divided into real gold and fake gold. 

The price of real gold is much higher than that of fake gold. Real gold looks more upscale and brighter, while fake gold looks a little brownish yellow, so you can easily tell whether it is fake gold or real gold by color. If you are dealing with consumers with purchasing power, you can choose real gold. 

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Gold tracing process: 

Generally speaking, gold is traced one by one by workers, and the pattern is drawn with gold water. After the gold pattern is dried, it needs to be roasted to decompose organic compounds, and the gold is reduced to form a smooth and glossy thin layer on the surface of the glass. Roasting temperature is very important, according to the softening temperature of glass products and gold water to determine. The roasting temperature is too low, the gold luster is poor, and the adhesion between gold and glass is weak, it is said that it is not cooked, hard push with your fingers or cloth will wipe the gold off. If the temperature is too high, although the gold has been roasted, it often exceeds the softening temperature of the glass products, and the glass products become waste after deformation. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately control the barbecue temperature to ensure the quality of gold products. 

The gold roasting process is divided into four stages: heating, heat preservation, cooling, and annealing. In the heating stage, in order to fully decompose and volatilize the gold water, the heating rate should not be too fast before 350 degrees. When the temperature reaches the roasting temperature, it can be kept for 3-10 minutes. Generally, the temperature of the gold water is controlled at about 550 degrees, and then the temperature is cooled. The time required is about 3 hours. 

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Of course, because gold-tracing glass products are relatively high-end and the price is more expensive than ordinary glass, we should also pay attention to the use of gold-tracing glass products in daily life. You can gently wipe the gold-tracing glass products with a soft cloth after using them to make the gold-tracing glass products have a longer service life.