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Tips for choosing good quality ceramic tableware dinner set

Pulished on Apr. 17, 2020


1.The  pattern decoration or decal on the ceramic products 

When choosing ceramic tableware, you can also choose according to the pattern decoration. Different The decoration of the patterns has totally different sense of the ceramic tableware.  If you want to avoid heavy metals, it is best to buy

white porcelain, colored glazed porcelain, glaze color, underglaze color ceramic products, which has low lead and chromium content.

2. Choose according to the raw material

Ceramics have bone china and reinforced porcelain. If you pay special attention to the quality, it is recommended to buy bone china, which has particularly high transparency, lightweight and easy to pick up.

If there are children at home, reinforced porcelain tableware may be a great choice for you. It will be hardly broken after falling down to the floor. 

3. Observe the appearance

First, look at the whole body to see if there are spots or pinholes on the ceramic. If there are obvious flaws, which is not clean and beautiful for

the perspective view.  It is best to choose those dishes with the complete appearance and no defects. Ceramic products with thorny, spotty, or even cracks on the surface may lead to an overflow in the glaze, which is not suitable for tableware.


4. Overall comparison and experience the ceramic tableware

When selecting ceramic tableware, it is recommended to compare whether the workmanship and materials are harmonized. If coordinated, the quality is good and beautiful. When choosing a complete set of ceramic products, you need to see the glaze and painting of each piece Whether the surface, gloss, and style are consistent, well-proportioned and coordinated.

Weighting it in your hand and feeling their texture helps make the choice decision. Different collocations and combinations of parts can be taken to combine the different sets. The  Better quality ceramic tableware, the parts, and accessories match well after assembling.  Tapping the porcelain products a few times,   crisping sound means good quality while the dull or hoarse sound means inferior. When choosing porcelain with gold and silver decoration, Wipe it by hand, and it won't fade if it's the top grade.

5.selection according to thermal stability

Try to choose a well-known branded tableware, which has relatively good thermal stability. Both low temperature and high temperature have good thermal stability, and the tableware with good thermal stability will have a long life.


After selecting the tableware, below are the tips for cleaning the ceramic products.

1. Newly bought tableware can be soaked in vinegar for 2 ~ 3 hours to dissolve the harmful substances in the glaze. If there is a noticeable change in color, it should be discarded.

2. The colored porcelain should never be heated in the microwave.

3. Do not use ceramic tableware for long-term storage of acidic food and juice, wine, coffee, and other beverages. Because the longer the ceramic tableware contains acidic food or beverage, the higher the temperature, the easier it is to dissolve

The release of lead is equal to the toxic and side effects of increasing the amount of lead dissolution.