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Why the image is too dark or too bright?The skill of taking a photo for glassware

Pulished on May. 24, 2019

    The glass is transparent, the surface will reflect, and it will refract light, transparency and reflective, which are the two main reasons why taking photo for the glass is difficult. The problem with transparency is that any spot in the background can't be concealed. The problem with reflective is that, when there is a light source, a bright spot is reflected on the glass surface. Therefore, the key to shooting glassware is using the light correctly. 

    The "existence" of glass is controlled by the entire lighting environment. Once the lighting environment is changed, the "visual appearance" of the glass will change accordingly. Taking photo for the glass it can answer the topic of photography = painting with light .

    Tips for shooting glasswareTips for shooting glassware

Now we describe a normal set of taking photo :    

    Put the glass to the front of the white wall. Get the right angle, without any action about controlling the light, the image is too dark or too bright.

    Then, if we continue, we will eliminate the "stray light" which should not exist,  change the background with a shed light + soft cover to form a simple backlight. It will be much better, at least cover the reflection of the glass.

    But in general, the edge of the glass will be unclear. Next, you need to add the edge for the glass . So we try to add two black screens on both sides. If the black edges are asymmetrical, you need to adjust the position between the glass itself, the camera, and the black board.

    At the same time, we want the glass to look more layered. Don't directly illuminate the glass, try to give the light to the background.We change the visual for the ground through the light controlling for  the background.

    In addition, we can make the top of glass looks more real, using a black board to block the light above. But the black board is too difficult to be avoided in the picture, so maybe be  post process  on the basis of previous shooting will be more good.


Tips for shooting glassware

Next, I will introduce to you about several methods of placing the light in taking photo for the glass:

1. Light background lighting

    Put the light from the bottom of the glass,Using the flashlight as the direcly shooting light. Put a black paper in the  both side of the glass, and also put one on the bottom of the glass when it is needing.The reflected light will tickle the black line at the top of the cup.

2. Black background lighting

    Use the light to illuminate the glassware in the opposite direction in front of the background, so that the edge of the glass body produces a light edge, which shows the brightness of the glass and is separated from the background. At the same time, the light passes through the glassware body, eliminating the reflection light ,so we can see the background through the glassware,  fully  showing a high level of visual image .

3. The background is bright, surrounded by dark gradient cloth

    The illumination range of the lamp should be smaller, adjust the distance of the lamp, change the brightness and area range, control the size of the picture, get a bright shooting effect.

4. The application of transparent liquid

    Pour liquid into glassware, such as red wine, beer, orange juice, etc., and use the method of projecting light to increase the color saturation of the liquid. Some of these liquid is clear, some is turbid, and they need to show their different types, Showing the crystal for the glass.