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Tips on choosing red wine glass at wedding

Pulished on Feb. 26, 2022

Tips on choosing red wine glasses at wedding

As we all know, drinking red wine is good for people's health, so many people choose red wine as one of the main drinks at weddings. As the saying goes, a good horse deserves a good saddle, and nothing should be taken lightly in the face of such a big event as marriage. How to choose a wedding wine glass? Please see the author's sharing below.

1.three types of red wine glass

1)Red Burgundy 

Its feature lies in a long cup with a narrow rim,which concentrates the smell of the wine on the rim of the glass.It also as the representitive in the whole industry.


2)Red Bordeaux

It`s a shorter cup than  Burgundy,due to its fatter cup belly,the contract area between the wine body and their air is relativly large,so it`s better good for strong red wines.


3)white wine glass

It is shorter and leaner than the previous two, with a smaller opening, so it retains its flavor better when citing lower temperature white wines.


2.Tips of choosing a red wine glasses at wedding

1)about the material

The materials of wine glasses are generally divided into plastic wine glasses, glass wine glasses and crystal wine glasses. Plastic wine glasses are light in weight, poor in texture and clarity, and are generally not recommended for high-end red wines. The glass wine glass is slightly lacking in transparency and feels heavy. The crystal wine glass has better transparency and hard texture, which can give wine tasters better visual enjoyment.

2)about the color

Generally, clear, simple and round wine glasses are recommended, rather than those with colors, patterns and patterns. Choosing the former will not affect the taster's observation of the red wine.

3)about the thickness

If the glass body is too thick, the clarity of the red wine cannot be observed well, so try to choose a wine glass with a thinner glass body, which has a lighter feel and a crisper clinking sound.


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