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What are the precautions in cleaning the glass Goblet?

Pulished on Sep. 04, 2019

On holiday holidays, people have more opportunities to have a drink. In the cups and saucers on the table and in the kitchen, the glass will appear more in front of us. These utensils have been cleaned after use, but it is not difficult to do because of hygienic considerations, but you have thought about it. In addition to being clean and tidy, their cleanliness also directly affects the taste and taste of the drink. In fact, the glassware is wiped. It is also a study.

 What are the precautions in cleaning the glass Goblet?cid=3

The glasses used vary depending on the type of drink. Drink beer with a straight glass and drink wine with a goblet.


Let's talk about the beer mug. The way the cup is cleaned will directly affect the taste of the beer. The key is foam. The coolness it brings to people is obvious, and the main effect is to protect the carbon dioxide dissolved in the beer from the lid as it does. At the same time, bitterness and minerals are also based on foam. To experience the taste and taste, you should keep the foam as long as possible. To do this, first make sure that there is no oil stain on the inner wall of the glass. When using it, do not put it together with other dishes. Use neutral detergent and The sponge block thoroughly cleans the oil stains and lipstick prints. Repeat the rinsing several times, then dry naturally, avoid using a rag to dry, even if the rag is washed with hot water, there is oil residue on the fiber. There are water drops left on it and you can only let it dry naturally. When you drink alcohol, you can judge whether the glass is clean and clean. There are bubbles hanging on it. It seems to be very refreshing. In fact, the big bubbles will disappear quickly. If the washing is very clean, the small foam hanging on it will not disappear. After drinking, the inner wall will leave a circle of foam marks.


Let's talk about the goblet of red wine. This cup holder has a slender foot, so it is called a goblet. However, it is not only for the sake of beauty, but also pays attention to a character when drinking red wine. The original flavor of the product is first required to have a certain temperature, and the purpose of this high-footed is to the temperature of the taster's palm and the ball of the wine. The bottom of the cup is isolated to avoid affecting the temperature of the red wine. In addition, the cups are washed in different ways, and the same kind of red wine will also have different tastes. In order to float out the fragrance and reveal the excellent appearance, wipe off the grease and wipe it with burlap. At the same time, due to the special appearance, you should be very careful in your hand. If you use too much force, you will often break from the high feet. When washing, there are quite a few rules. First, put a goblet (usually not one or two), put the code in the basin (barrel), add a neutral detergent, and inject warm water. The cup should be lowered and wiped off with a sponge. The order is the bottom of the ball cup, the high feet, the cup holder, and then gently wiped. There is no special requirement for water. It is suitable for warm water. When washing to a semi-dry, dry it with a dry cloth. If you hold the cup holder with one hand, the other hand can easily break the high foot. You should be extra careful. After cleaning, put the mouth up in the cupboard.


Finally, the cup material. Ordinary cups are sodium carbonate glass, and high-end goods are crystal glass. When the sound is identified, the former is low and the latter is crisp. In the wet season, the ordinary cups are filled with water. If the surface is not gold-plated, it can be wiped off with vinegar or lemon to restore the luster. Although dishwashers have increasingly entered the home, porcelain washing, etc. are equally safe, but the glass is best washed by hand.