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What is white pollution? And Why the EU has issued a plastic ban?

Pulished on Jul. 09, 2021

As the population grows, the demand and sales of daily necessities are increasing.  And with technology development, different materials are available. For example, the daily use of household ware. There is glass, plastic, stainless steel that is commonly used.

Compared with glass and stainless steel, plastic is cheaper, lighter, Strong plasticity, sometimes, and become widely used in our daily life.

People increase more and more domestic garbage to nature. When you enjoy the convenience of the products, you need to remember that it is harmful to our nature. If we throw out the plastic trash without organization, do you know how serious the pollution to the environment is?

The plastic can not be degraded in nature, it last for a long time, the waste plastic packaging scattered everywhere, affects the beauty of the city, causes "visual pollution". Because most of the plastic packing is white, it is called White pollution.

What is white pollution? And Why the EU has issued a plastic ban?

Since it can not degrade in nature, could we burn it? Sure not, when plastic is fired, it will release harmful gases and endanger the human body. And it is flammable and easy to cause a fire.

When the plastic floating on the water and eat by the fish or birds, they can not digest plastic and starved to death. And even more disasters we will take in the future.

So when we enjoy the convenience of plastic, we need to take care of our nature. Otherwise, we will reap the consequences that we cause.

But why do not we use degradable plastic, because the cost increases, not that good for the economy?

However, every country issue a plastic ban, this is an effective way to prevent the production of plastic waste. Then for taking out food, we can use paper products or degradable plastic, even cost increase, but we are trying our efforts to help our nature to build a beautiful world we live in. At home, we can use some glasses, which are the best healthy for our food.