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What kind of beer glass do you usually use?

Pulished on Jun. 03, 2020

Nowadays, many people drink and take a cup and start drinking directly. Over time, they ignore that there are many kinds of glasses. Today, the editor will talk about the various types of beer glasses.

Flute glass:

This glass is the most common type of tall glass, generally suitable for champagne.

It has a long shape that can ensure that the beer stimulates the foam, it will not disappear too fast, and it shows better for the surging of bubbles. If the color of the beer is clear and bright, it will be very beautiful. The wine glass, at the same time, the design of the tall feet is very elegant, and it is convenient for the beer to keep low temperature in the glass, and is suitable for the use of many types of beer.

What kind of beer glass do you usually use?cid=3

Holy Grail:

Such cups generally have several characteristics. The opening is large, the depth is shallow, the bottom is wide and flat, the cup is thick, and there is an elongated neck below.

This shape of the cup emphasizes the performance of foam, so it can generally have two fingers wide and delicate foam. This kind of shallow mouth cup also helps more leather gowns in the liquor to supplement the thickness of the foam layer. Slow down the speed of bubbles disappearing.

The basics of using the Holy Grail belong to the excellent beer type.

What kind of beer glass do you usually use?cid=3

Draft beer cup:

This cup is the most commonly used by us, and the draft beer cups used in domestic restaurants are basically of this type. It is generally a large, thick, heavy cup with a handle.

No matter what shape or capacity, it is very strong, convenient for clinking glasses, holding it for a long time is also because the thicker wall does not affect the low temperature of beer, it is very suitable for free drinking.

What kind of beer glass do you usually use?cid=3

Pearson Cup:

It is usually thin and long, with a small conical bottom and a thinner bottom, because it emphasizes the crystal clear color of Pearson beer and the process of rising bubbles. In addition, the wide mouth is to retain an appropriate foam layer on the top. And to ensure its retention time.

Basically in line with the original intention of Pearson's design, thorough, golden yellow, many bubbles, suitable for all-you-can-drink.

Widely used, it is the most used beer glass after the beer glass is tied. 

The left one and the right one of the below picture are Pearson Cups.

What kind of beer glass do you usually use?cid=3

Pint Cup:

Pint cups are generally close to cylindrical, with slight vertebral body shape, the cup mouth will be larger, there is a circle of protrusions near the mouth of the cup, easy to grasp, and the protrusions can also help the foam and the wine product itself The smell stays longer.

Pint glasses are generally suitable for British beer.

The right one of the below picture is Pint Cup.

What kind of beer glass do you usually use?cid=3

Tulip Cup:

This kind of glass is generally used for drinking brandy. It has the characteristics of wide and flat bottom, shrinking mouth, shallow wine glass, and thick neck. This kind of glass is used for beer to capture the fragrance of the wine and keep the taste. Inside the smaller cup.

This tulip cup is suitable for all kinds of beer with strong taste and sediment.

What kind of beer glass do you usually use?cid=3

Tips: How to pour beautiful beer foam?

Beer should be stored in an environment of about ten degrees Celsius. The temperature is too high, the foam is too much and not lasting. If it is too low, the foam is reduced and the bitterness is increased.

The cup should be clean, the oil is the enemy of beer foam, any oil stains or the residue of the cleaning agent will destroy the beer foam. When pouring beer, you can pour it into the middle of the glass like a mountain stream, and then a lot of carbon dioxide gas will be generated. When carbon dioxide gas precipitates into foam, repeat the above actions. Only when a thick layer of creamy foam is formed, can the glass be tilted and the beer poured slowly along the wall of the glass (this can control the generation of foam) until the glass is filled.