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What kind of wine needs decanting and why ?

Pulished on Jul. 17, 2019

A bottle of good wine is like a sleeping beauty in the long process of growth. After sleeping for many years, she needs a wake-up process at the moment when the oak is opened. Let the wine slowly breathe and wake up in the decanter. In fact, not all wines need to be hangover. Many people often drink directly after the bottle is opened. The result is that the wine is not good. The reason is that the wine is usually "sleeping" before the bottle is opened. The wine is under the seal of the cork, or In the closed oak barrels, in the dark cellar, because of the less contact with oxygen, the wine is prone to form hydrogen sulfide, sulfur, sulfur dioxide and other odors.

What kind of wine needs decanting and why ?cid=3

There are two different views on what kind of wines need to be sobered. One thinks that the more aged, the more red wines that need to be mixed in the decanter. The opposite is that those are more closed types. The wine needs a decanter. From the moment the old wine is poured out, the change of the fragrance of each silk is to cherish the taste. How can the complex fragrance accumulated in the old age disappear in the decanter?

The cheaper the price, the less the wine needs to be awake, and the more than 100 yuan and below are ready-to-drink wines. Don't have to go to the gods to wake up. At the same time, although the young wine has some odor, it can be removed by the easy shaking of the wine glass, and it will be smoother when it is drunk. Most wines need to wake up for about an hour, but not necessarily all need to use a decanter, such as sweet white and expensive rot white wine, open the bottle 1 hour before drinking, just let the bottle stand upright and breathable.

The old red wine that has reached the end of life, no strength and then "wake up", need to change the bottle to the slag, drink as soon as possible, the method is to first stand the bottle for 24 hours, to ensure that the crystal is completely deposited at the bottom of the bottle, and then pour into the bottle Change the bottle, the whole process should be gentle and slow, otherwise, the speed will be too fast, so that the wine residue will also be poured into the decanter. The wine poured out from the filter residue should be consumed immediately. White wine, fresh wine, and wine with fresh fruit flavor do not need to wake up, you can drink immediately, and inappropriate "wake up" will even throw away its fruity flavor.