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Which glass do you like? How old would your significant other be?

Pulished on Jul. 16, 2019


Choose A

Choose this kind of cute cartoon cup for you to be with that kind of boy next door. From a young age, experience are similar, so you may have a quarrel in the beginning because of real life problems. But the subtle arguments in life will only deepen your feelings. As your feelings get deeper and deeper, you will have a stronger relationship with each other after you have children, and your quarrels will become shorter and shorter, and then you will respect each other as guests.

Choose B

You like this kind of water cup, and you just fall in love with your two-year-old brother. You are gentle and kind from childhood, especially like small animals, see the baby will be unable to help but want to hug, is a very maternal love. Meet a younger brother than you, will be unable to help, want to care for her, love her. This will also make the other party unable to attract your enthusiasm. Finally, he can only be with you. Slowly, he will love you more and more. He will also support you and make you his queen, so you are also suitable to find a boy one or two years younger than you, so that he will give you a feeling of worship.

Choose C

You are suitable to find a mature boy four or five years older than you. Although you are not the kind of little Lori in your life. But your heart is insecure, you always feel sad at night, so your tears are very low, especially easy to glass heart. A little injury will make you feel overwhelmed, so you especially want to be taken care of, and in life you are a little arrogant, a little petty, a little self-willed, sometimes you may want to quarrel with each other. Only an older uncle can have great endurance and take care of you slowly. Because they are mature, they are more inclusive and have great economic strength.

Select D

You're good for a warm man two or three years older than you. Because you are independent and principled in life, you usually have a timetable for what you should do at any time. But your heart is relatively naive, not mature enough, you need to find a older brother to take care of you. You don't like being too different in age and lacking common language. So the elder brother who is younger than you will be the best person for you. Once he shows you his favor, you will agree immediately. As long as you confirm that the other person's personality is good, you will be able to get better and better.