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Why don't liquors be packaged in metal cans?

Pulished on Dec. 30, 2019

 Why don't liquors be packaged in metal cans?cid=3   

    The current society is a pluralistic society, not only including more and more diverse products, but even packaging is being upgraded. In the past, more products were packaged in glass bottles, and now more and more new plastics are also used for packaging, because most of the time the cost of glass bottle packaging is still high.

    We generally use glass bottles or metal cans to package beer. The reason why metal cans are used for packaging is because it is more convenient and can also be recycled. But for liquor, why do we rarely see metal cans for packaging?

    Generally we will see that white wine is packaged in glass bottles or ceramics. More common grades, generally use ordinary glass and ordinary ceramic bottles. The high-grade liquor is packaged in glass bottles and high-grade ceramic bottles containing crystals. Liquor packaging is nothing more than these kinds of packaging materials, glass, ceramics, crocks.

The reasons for not using metal cans for packaging are mainly considered from the following aspects:

Why don't liquors be packaged in metal cans?cid=3

1)Metal cans are generally used to pack more ordinary canned drinks, and generally the value is not high. In China, liquor is a relatively high-end product and should correspond to relatively high-end packaging materials. So generally do not use metal cans to package liquor.

2)Liquor contains relatively high-purity alcohol, which can easily cause chemical effects on metal cans and eventually corrode metal cans. Therefore, in terms of the taste and safety of baijiu, metal cans cannot be used for packaging.

3)Liquor contains ingredients, even after being put into metal cans, it is still changing. In order to have a better taste for liquor, after the liquor is put into a metal can, it needs to have some contact with the air, so that it can help it to produce chemical changes and aromatic hydrocarbons. This is why the aroma of liquor is produced. Generally, the metal cans we see on the market are about 10 ounces, but the average person rarely drinks so much liquor at one time. The metal can is a one-time packaging material. If you can't finish liquor at one time, it is not conducive to the preservation of liquor, and it is easy to volatilize. Therefore, white spirits are generally packaged in glass bottles and ceramic bottles with good sealing properties and not disposable packaging materials.