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Why garbo salad bowl sets are hot sell in the market?

Pulished on Jul. 15, 2020

With so many salad bowls, how do we hold the market firmly? Garbo has its own magic weapon.

Why garbo salad bowl set sp hot sell in the market?cid=3

First of all, Garbo's design team has designed four new salad bowl patterns after visit countries and professional market analysis, which means that this new product is in line with market rules. And these four patterns are mixed mold, what does this mean? This means that in the past there was only one pattern in one container. Now four different patterns can be put together into a container. In this way, customers' willingness to cooperate has also greatly increased, many customers are willing to start new business with us.

Secondly, our salad bowl set has other features.

For example: a round shape salad bowl is usually a 7-piece set. Generally, there is a large bowl and 6 small bowls. The size of the large bowl is 9 inches, and the size of the small bowl is 4 inches. For the big bowl, it has enough space, so many people will use this bowl to make salads, and they can also be directly served on the table after making it. It is very convenient. People like to do this. For the small bowl, it can be used to entertain guests and friends, which is very suitable. In addition to put salad, many people also use them to hold fruits, nuts and even soups. These bowls are generally of high white quality, and so the color is very white and beautiful. Many people in South America, India and Europe will buy this product.

After talking about the round shape salad bowl, we can talk about the v-shaped salad bowl. It has many similarities with the round one. For example, they are all mixed molds, which can be mixed in four design in one container, but the v-shaped salad bowl also have some different parts. The weight of them will be lighter than the round ones, and their sizes are also different. The small v-shaped salad bowl is one inch larger than the small round salad bowl, but the problem here is not big, mainly depends on which one you prefer.


How are our salad bowl sets packed? Many people are also curious about this. In fact, our salad bowls are packed in two ways. One is the tile type, and the other is the stackable type. As for which packaging method to use, it depends mainly on the individual. The stackable packaging method can save more space, and the tile type can see the product more directly. More intuitive and generous.

Why garbo salad bowl set sp hot sell in the market?cid=3

Why garbo salad bowl set sp hot sell in the market?cid=3

Garbo's salad bowl is one of the best sellers in many series. So we will make a special recommendation. If your market also needs this product. Please contact us. We have a detailed catalog, if you want more price information, you can also ask us.