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Why not drink champagne with a champagne flute

Pulished on Mar. 02, 2020

Champagne and flute cups have long been the most common combination in people's point of view. The champagne flute has an elegant flute shape and is the face of a champagne glass for many. But now, more and more people have come up with different thoughts: champagne flute may not be the best option for drinking champagne.

Why not drink champagne with a champagne flute?

Common champagne glasses

In general, the following three types of champagne glasses are most common:

1. Champagne Coupes

Champagne coupes are perhaps the most old-fashioned champagne glasses, which had been popular since the early 20th century. However, this shallow cup is easy to remove the fragrance and bubbles quickly, and it is not easy to observe the process of the bubbles rising. 

2. Champagne Flutes

The flute-shape champagne glass is now the most popular type. With its elegantly slender body, it's perfect for drinkers to appreciate the rise of bubbles from the bottom to the air. Its narrow mouth allows the aroma and bubbles to gather eve more.

Why not drink champagne with a champagne flute?

3. Champagne Tulips

The bottom of the tulip champagne cup presents a long inverted triangle, the top of the cup mouth is larger than the flute cup.And it also has a larger cup belly, the longer cup body is also suitable to appreciate the bubbles rising.

Why people said the champagne flute doesn't suit champagne?

Since the 1980s, the champagne flute has gradually become the most popular champagne glass in the world. In fact, inspite of appreciating the bubbles, the champagne flute doesn't have many advantages.

After all, the taste of wine is mainly to smell and taste. The mouth of the champagne flute is too narrow. It's no doubt making it more difficult to smell the fragrance of champagne. 

Some of the big champagne factories, meanwhile, are developing their own champagne-style glasses which widens the belly of the tulip cup while retaining the height of the champagne flute. The whole looks a bit like a hot air balloon. 

Why not drink champagne with a champagne flute?


The ideal champagne glass should allow the bubbles to move vertically while allowing the air to fully touch the liquor. Before the perfect champagne glass really came out, a burgundy glass might be our best choice.