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Why should we use glass cup for green tea

Pulished on Aug. 29, 2019

Why should we use glass cup for green tea

As the saying goes, the good tea should match good cup. 

If you want to taste a good tea, only not need good tea, tea-making appliances is also very important.

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     Only when the good tea meets the good device, can the tea itself have the charm, the maximum bloom.

Especially for brewing high-end green tea (the West Lake Longjing), many people admire the crystal glass, which is very good with the good horse and the saddle. It's like an oil bar for a soybean milk; a beef with a pull-up surface. The tea set is made of tea, and the tea is beautiful. Although the glass has no purple sand, it's not simple, and the bowl is not elegant, it seems simple, but it is also very colorful. The glass is a popular tea set, which can be used as a "Sun Chunbai Snow" and can also be used as a "Lower Riba". The glass is transparent and crystal clear, and uses the green tea, the color of the tea soup, the attitude of the tea, and the floating movement of the tea in the brewing process, so that the fundus of the glass can be achieved, and the eyes and the heart can be maintained.

    Tea, if it's just for tea, it's not too monotonous. Before drinking tea, enjoy the tea in the water, slowly stretch, swim and change the process, it is also an interesting thing. Compared with tea, more people care about the atmosphere and the artistic conception when making tea, and the kung fu is outside the tea. In addition to the taste, the appreciation and the appreciation, the fragrance is also appreciated. From an ornamental point of view, it is no doubt that the green tea is the best to be brewed with a glass

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     Here are some advantages by drinking tea with a glass cup

How to choose the right tea cup

1.The glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, and the bacteria and dirt are not easily born on the wall of the cup

2.The texture is transparent, the heat transfer is fast, and the air-tightness

3.The glass has no pores, does not absorb tea soup and aroma, and can restore 100% of the original flavor.

4.Easy to brew, easy, just put the tea into the glass, hot water, can be completed; no occasion restrictions, home office travel.

    All in all, Good tea need to drink by good cup, if you are interested in glassware,

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