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Different crafts for colored glassware items and how to choose the suitable colored glassware based on you needs?

Pulished on Jul. 21, 2022

Compared with plastic cups, paper cups, and ceramic cups, glass cups are healthier and safer, the cleaning is also very convenient, and the price is moderate, so they are very suitable for drinking water in family life. In order to be beautiful, the factory will also design and make a lot of colorful glass for people to use, these colored glasses attract people to buy, but do you know? A colored glass of the same color can also be made with different processes, and because of different processes, its costs and characteristics are also very different. Let's introduce the processes of these two different colored glass. 

    1. Solid colored glass cups:

    The color cup is a colorful cup that will not fade, which is when quartz sand is mixed as a glass raw material to add a colorant to make its crystal clear glass with a specific color, so that the colored glass is produced and processed, regardless of high feet, or flat-bottomed egg cups, collectively known as pigment cups. 

    Color cups according to the raw materials to add different proportions of colorants to produce different colors of glass, as many as 100 colors, can be customized according to customer requirements. The conventional production process is the same as the production of ordinary high white material. It is worth mentioning that the prices of different colors of color cups are different, of which black is the most expensive, followed by red, and the prices of other colors will not fluctuate too much. 

    The production of color cups is mostly manual blowing and semi-manual, which can be used for small batch orders. Large machine blowers require high-pressure furnaces and need to deploy a whole furnace of color glass liquid. If the later cleaning is not clean, it will lead to color strings. Moreover, the cleaning work is not easy, and improper operation requires re-replacement of the production furnace, so the color cup made by large machines requires a higher order quantity. 

    However, in order to allow customers to buy more products with a lower initial order, our factory usually makes different machine color cups as standing inventory for different customers to choose from. 

    GB2604A5210DXD+GB2604D5210DXD+GB2604G5210DXD+GB2604V5210DXD (2).jpg

    2. Spraying colored glass cups: 

    The color of the spray cup can be no different from the color cup, put the same color cup and spray cup in front of you, if you are not a very professional glass expert, you basically can not tell which is the spray cup and which is the color cup. 

    The color spray cup has two processes: first, clean the transparent glass, and then spray color on the transparent glass. You can choose to spray one color or a variety of colors, and then enter the market after high-temperature baking to achieve stability. The price of a color spray cup will be much lower than that of a color cup of the same shape, so if you want to choose a cheaper product, you can choose a color spray cup. 


    GB27119DL+GB041510DL (2).jpg

    So how can you tell whether the glass is a spray color or color? 

    The easiest way is to soak the colored glass in warm water for 48 hours to see if the glass fades, or the simple way is to see if the color of the glass is uniform. If it is a spray color, there will be uneven dots or peeling after long-term use. 

    And if you can use sharp objects to scratch the surface of the glass, if it is a spray glass, the color will be scratched and scratched, if it is a pigment cup, then the body color will not be scratched. 

    Color cups and spray cups are hot-selling products, and we can purchase glass products with different processes according to our own needs.

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