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Production process for glassware items with customized designs for daily use

Pulished on Nov. 21, 2022

Many customers like to customize one of their own products, customized products can better promote their own brand can also be distinguished from other products, in addition to simple laser carving to do logo, this process is the simplest than doing fancy paper, decals on the glass surface, and then baked at high temperature after the surface to form their own specific logo pattern. 

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The main purpose of this article is to introduce how glass products are decal. 

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1. Glassware and floral paper. 

Vitreous blood must be cleaned, and flower paper soaked in pure water to the saturated state, and should not continue to soak for a long time. 

2. Scrape clean until there is no water or air. 

After the flower paper is attached to the surface of the glass products, it is scraped back and forth with elastic scraping (or wet sponge) to squeeze out the water and air in the colorless thin plastic film, and the interlayer on the surface of the products, while ensuring that the flower paper is not wrinkled and the pattern is not broken. 

3. After the decal is naturally dried in the oven. 

After the decal paper is dried, it is baked in the baking oven, and the baking temperature should be determined according to the melting temperature of the glaze. The temperature of baking flowers is determined according to the nature of the colored glaze of glass products. When the temperature of the baked flowers is too low, the colored glaze can not be fully melted, and the pattern of the colored glaze is dull; when the temperature of the baked flowers is too high, the products can be deformed, the colored glaze will burn, and the pattern will be scorched. The baking temperature of general products is controlled at about 20C below the glass softening temperature. 

4. Baking stove preheating. 

In general, the preheating stage of the flower oven is relatively long, accounting for about 28% of the furnace length. The rapid cooling stage can be shorter, accounting for about 24% of the furnace length. In order to control the flame in the baking furnace from contacting directly with the glass products and to make the heating degree uniform, the automatic temperature control mode of electric heating is adopted and the weak oxidation atmosphere is maintained in the furnace. 

5. Temperature is the key. 

In the heating process of roasted flowers, the heating rate can not be too fast, if the heating rate is too fast when it rises from room temperature to about 450C, the colored glaze on the flower paper is easy to blister or "flowing glaze" phenomenon so that the pattern appears pinhole and blackens. After the completion of the barbecue process, the colored glaze should be cooled slowly to avoid secondary stress. The above is the whole process of baking flowers, if you also want to customize your own glass products, then come and contact us.

Garbo production process for glassware items with customized designs for daily use